A Passion for Flowers

A Passion for Flowers

Rachel Malowany: Founder of Floral Support


Being born into the flower industry, it only makes sense that I have a passion for flowers. My Opa, over fifty years ago, built his first greenhouse in Langley. His company, named APKO Nurseries, had turned into one of Lower Mainlands main rose growers. About twenty-five years later, my Dad took over and I have worked along side him for a little over five years (and counting). During this time, I have learned all the behind the scenes of growing roses and hydrangeas, selling flowers, buying flowers as well as making some arrangements here and there. I have learned so much along the way that I want to share it with all of you! I love supporting local businesses and local growers, as well as learning even more along the way. What it really comes down to is, I just love flowers!



Miriah Mcmillian: Main florist of Floral Support


In high school, I took a floristry course and I caught the flower bug. I was hooked after finishing my course and I now look at flowers differently. When I see flowers, I imagine what I can create and my mind wonders off from there! I worked with Rachel at Apko for one summer, learning how roses grow, how to do quality checks on roses and I learned what it was like behind the scene of purchasing flowers. With that knowledge, I am now much more picky with the type of quality we get for our weddings and events – local is the way to go in my books! I love creating anything from whimsical bouquets, to posey’s and cascading bouquets. I have a passion for flowers and I love creating!